...a meld of slavic earthiness and liquid-smooth jazz phrasing...
— BCS, London


To be released SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 on MONS Records.

Vocals - Daniel Čačija / Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Pol Omedes / Piano (1-8) - Mátyás Bartha / Piano (10) - Renato Chicco / Piano (11, 12) - Tuomo Uusitalo / Guitar (13) - Filip Gavranović / Bass (1-9) - Ivar Križić / Bass (10) - Martin Gjakonovski / Bass (11, 12) - Norbert Farkas / Drums - Oleg Markov



On LifeLine, Daniel Čačija finally presents this voice on record, and with it gives his musical career the brilliant setting it is due. For Lifeline has become a very personal album.

Stylistically, the album is a veritable explosion of different styles. Yet Daniel Čačija has mastered the fine art of dynamically uniting the arrangement, modulation and interpretation of this almost daring selection of pieces, binding them together as though with an elastic band. He uses hip-hop with consummate ease on the opener 'No Church In The Wild', and follows it directly with 'Strollin'', a powerful and emotional blues by Charles Mingus. On 'Little Red Rose', he combines self-penned English lyrics with a folk song from the Zagreb area, translating a Slavic melancholy into a hopeful song for today. He is lyricist again on 'Precious Me, Precious You', here over an old Macedonian folk song, where he tackles the theme of the undiscovered and its significance. There are also pieces from the great Broadway musical tradition (Seesaw), jazz standards (I'm Gonna Lock My Heart, Day In Day Out) and even a soul classic by Donny Hathaway (Someday We'll All Be Free).

The central element, which holds this diversity so brilliantly together, is the renowned authenticity that Daniel Čačija so naturally and effortlessly attains. LifeLine is the musical autobiography of a young man and artist with an exciting path to follow, and a rocky road behind him. Each path is considered a gift, and a challenge. He has become what he is, both with and through his music, and he gives it back again through his music. Or to put it as Kurt Elling did; "man, people wanna know who YOU are!"

With LifeLine, Daniel Čačija gives his right answer!

...it is easy to say that Ivo Robić would be proud to have such a singer give life to his extraordinary music..


Recorded and released in 2013 on Aquarius Records.

...Čačija’s voice incorporates everything: wonderful colour, impeccable intonation and absolute dedication to music...
— JAZZIN', Belgrade


Recorded and released in 2013 on Double Moon Records.